I provide professional copywriting services for both the public and private sectors. As somebody who has run my own businesses for more than 20 years, I fully understand the need for clean, intelligent copywriting which gets straight to the point.

I have extensive experience in all forms of copywriting, such as writing the text for websites, paying close attention to the all-important SEO (search engine optimisation) requirements that every site has these days, as well as providing the text for brochures, adverts, sales letters, press releases and marketing emails.


If you are working on a book, a script or an academic project then it is vital to utilise the services of a professional editor. In recent months I have provided full editing services for creative nonfiction books, a dramatic script treatment for television and academic textbooks.


All too often a project will be let down at the last minute by lack of attention to detail. A brilliantly designed website can be let down by a simple spelling mistake or bad grammar, or a sentence that doesn’t quite make sense. I can eliminate all of those issues before a project goes to print or a site becomes live.