Presenting a launch night lecture at Manchester's Anthony Burgess Institute
Presenting a launch night lecture at Manchester’s Anthony Burgess Institute

I offer guest lecturing services to Universities and cultural institutions throughout the UK. I specialise in art, design and illustration history and context, as well as creative non fiction. Recent lectures and projects have included:

A major project with graphic design students at Central St Martin’s College. I undertook lectures and workshops, following which I facilitated students to design a ‘real world’ publication, which was then distributed internationally along with Bare Essentials: The Best of Nude magazine.

Lecturing on graphics and illustration to illustration and graphics students at Swansea School of Art.

A sell-out evening event chaired by DJ  and author Dave Haslam, discussing the cultural impact of underground art, centred around the recent publication of The Graphic Art of the Underground.

Presenting a sell-out course at The Cornerhouse Arts Centre in Manchester, entitled Introduction to Visual Art: Beyond the Counterculture. The six lectures given as part of this course went on to lay the groundwork for The Graphic Art of the Underground.